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Masksealz LITE - for a super comfy, STRAPLESS, reusable, face cover!

Introducing Masksealz LITE - STRAPLESS, self-adhering, reusable face covers!


Sealz Tape: cut-to-size reusable, sticky silicone cushions



STICKFX pivots to help COVID-19

Leigh and Kim are the co-founders of a Connecticut-based company called STICKFX, that designs & manufactures self-adhering silicone masks for the Halloween & party industry. In addition, Leigh also owns SilTec Labs, creating incredibly life-like, hand-painted, silicone prosthetics for amputees. 

In response to the current COVID-19-driven mask shortage we are rapidly designing & prototyping a self-adhering, reusable silicone breathing mask that has a replaceable filter.

Rapid prototyping

Although our long-term objective is to provide a superior alternative to the existing medical masks, right now, we are using this rapid design process to serve the current crisis.

We are trying to offer an upgrade to the hand sewn cotton masks & bandanas that are being used out of desperation by people on the frontline, right now. Our design is improving with each prototype and we believe the latest version can assist anyone in the medical, first responder, & civilian community that can benefit from having a mask. It is important to note that they have not been FDA-approved yet, nor are they in anyway certified, so we cannot make any claims or guarantees as to their effectiveness at this point.

Prototypes evolving

GoFundMe for COVID-19 Support

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the public and business owners in response to the media coverage we have received.

GoFundMe donations will be used to cover the costs to get the latest MASKSEALZ prototype into scaled production. We plan to donate the initial masks that we produce.

With the necessary support and prioritization from Federal and/or State government as well as our manufacturers, we could have initial production within 10 days. Thereafter we should be able to produce +-3500 per day but this could be scaled further if necessary. 

We want to emphasize that although we have already handmade prototypes that we believe work, this is still a work-in-progress.

Your donation will go towards moving this work forward and enable us to make masks to donate to the people who need & want them!