About Us

Leigh & Kim met while participating in an entrepreneur program at the Women's Business Development Council in Connecticut. They were both focused on different businesses at the time. Leigh was looking to expand Siltec, her existing prosthetics business and Kim was planning to set up an insurance platform in the USA, having recently moved to New York from South Africa.

In a session with their business coach, Leigh casually mentioned the 'sticky silicone masks' that she had invented and was in the process of patenting, but that she hadn't really had time to focus on yet. When Kim heard about it, she loved the idea ( a lot more than insurance!) and couldn't stop thinking about the opportunities. So she phoned Leigh and asked her if she wanted a business partner. Leigh said 'Hell yeah!' and the partnership was born.

Leigh and Kim come from completely different professional backgrounds but they believe their partnership is strengthened by the diverse skills and experience they each bring. Leigh is a professional special effects make-up artist as well as a silicone expert, who has spent the past 12 years designing and sculpting silicone prosthetics for performers and amputees. Kim has almost 20 years experience as a management consultant, specializing in the banking and payments sector. 

In short, Leigh makes stuff and Kim makes stuff happen!